Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A tribute to Lochte

My little man is so full of love and energy of course. He is my best little guy and I miss him when he is not with me. You would think I would be excited to have a break but in fact this is not true. He is just so scrumptious and even with as much trouble as he gets into I still wouldn't trade him for the world.

He loves:
-He loves to give us hugs and tightly wrap his legs around.
-He snuggles his head right up to yours giving butterfly kisses.
-When he gets in trouble he feels so bad he just wants to hug you.
-The other day when I was sick, he would come and lie down next to me and try to share his most prized possession with me (his binki) to help me feel better.

He laughs:
-He has quite the sense of humor, if you could only be here and see it.
-He thinks that the "Ants go marching" song is Hilarius.
-He even laughs at his own dance moves. (which are quite funny if you ask me)
-He still thinks sneezing is funny. (and truly sneezing is kind of an odd uncontrollable seizure type of thing)

He makes me Laugh:
-Every time we pick up his book that is the "This little piggy went to the Market" he grabs both of his feet.
- He laughs at his own silly's... which of course makes me laugh harder.
- He makes the funniest faces.
- When I play peek-a-boo he covers his eyes when he doesn't want me to see him.
- When he sees me get the hair gel out he runs and hides. (obviously he does not like his hair being done.)

He Dances:
- Oh man does he dance, to anything, sometimes it comes at the most embarrassing times... one time it was in church when a lady was singing a very touching (not upbeat) song about Emma Smith and while she and everyone else is getting teary eyed my sons on the floor busting out his latest moves.
-He refuses to watch anything on TV besides the "Wiggles" unless it's singing and dancing. But hey at least he gets his exercise while watching movies... which is much more than I can say for myself.

He's smart:
-He understands so much it amazes me everyday.
-His newest word is "GO" he says it when you say, "READY SET...." and he says it with much enthusiasm too.


Nicole said...

Gotta love dancing babies! : )

Steve and Patti King said...

Ohhhhhhh, that was so fun to read and to watch! I can't wait to see him dance to Christmas music!

Mandi said...

aaahhhh...Kamrah he is sssooo cute. I love the picture of Jameson and him asleep. I also love his hair. I just want to squish him.