Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our first Christmas with Just us... Lochte Jameson and I.

Just a few days before Christmas it snowed enough for Lochte and I to go build ourselves a snowman. We had lots of fun building this 5' Frosty.
Christmas Morning Lochte woke up very sad and very sick so we had him take his very first Bubble bath and he loved it, it put him in a good mood to go downstairs and open presents.
Although he loved the experience he didn't quite know what to think when the bubbles would stick to his hands, not his most favorite thing.
Oh but this was his favorite thing. He loves loves to wear my shoes... and it made me laugh that he was wearing my most girly pink high heels with roses on the top. He didn't want to take them off.


Jameson's Christmas present that I am not quite done painting. (The Portland Temple)
This is Lochte's stocking I made him and he is just about to dig in!
Crepes for Christmas breakfast with Strawberries and Mangoes! YUM!
I was sad at first thinking that we didn't have any extended family we could afford to go and see this year but now my worry is that I am never going to want to leave home for Christmas again... it was such a blast and so convenient. That doesn't mean we don't love going to see you family though!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Comet and Cupid

Check out that hair... that is official nap hair and I am not so sure what that look means.
We went to Thanksgiving point and got to meet Comet and Cupid... Santa's Famous Reindeer.
My newest friend Amie Hale, spent the afternoon with us and it was so fun. She took this photo for us.

Lochte put up the christmas lights on our tree... okay well not really he mostly did the taking down of the lights.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our fun adventures in Page Arizona

We hiked out to these beautiful sites.

Thanks to Ben and Mandi for a wonderful time in Page.
We squeezed our toddler into a baby carrier and Ben and Mandi sported the Roo Wrap with little Blaik.
I just love this photo of Lochte
Oh how I loved being with them, Ben and Mandi are the coolest ever and we love love love them!

Mandi gave Jameson and I this great idea to pose our silhouettes in the sun set.

Jameson's Last Triathlon of the Season!

So we went down to Page, Arizona to visit Ben and Mandi and on top of it all Jameson got to do a late season Triathlon! It poured the whole time, Ben and Mandi are champs though and Ben babysat while Mandi and I ran around taking photos and videos of Jameson racing. That's fabulous babysitter Ben in the Blue, he watched his own 3 month old Blaik all while chasing Lochte in the rain!
Oh and Blaik was quite the champ himself.
Check out this running form... oh yeah baby.
I'm not even totally sure what's going on here.
I'm not sure which of these men are cuter but I think I'll keep them both.
Look at how proud Lochte is of his Champion Daddy.
Ha ha ha... that's all I am going to say.

Good Job Sweety we are so proud of you, you had a great race!

One of the Latest crafts... an earing/necklace holder.

Where did I have them before??? At the bottom of a drawer of course. Oh it has been so nice. It's just wooden frame with window screen behind and some scrapbook paper with some mod-podge. And some ink for the edges to distress it and of course some nifty knobs found at Home Depot.

Halloween... a Monkey, a Tree and a Tree Hugger.

I tried to convince Lochte that Monkey's don't use Binki's but that didn't go over so well.
Every tree needs a tree hugger. Lucky ME!!!
Thanks to Nicole and Kaulana Shum for a wicked fun Costume party!
No no no... it just isn't fall until I've had my caramel apple.

So I didn't have many Halloween decorations and since the budget was tight I made this! It's made of real sticks and real leaves and some twine to be seen as a close line and some clothes pins to hold up the fabric squares that spell out Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Patching

Oh we just loved picking out our very own pumpkins at the home farm of our neighborly friends, the Brimhalls.

Lochte had so much fun.

Camping... okay okay so I'm a little late posting this.

Our first Camping trip with Lochte. He did so well. We had a ton of fun, and had some nice neighbors too, who let us borrow the things we forgot, as clearly we are not used to camping with a baby. Oh so much to remember.

Nope... these photos are not photo shopped.
The Beautiful American Fork Canyon... this hike was a trail that was just off our campsite.

My happy boys... I mean MEN... my happy MEN.
Looks like we walked him out of energy.
Too bad the summer is over. Well...I'll be looking forward to some more peeing outside for next year!!! You know I truly do enjoy camping, I crave it and I miss it. Maybe it's the campfire crackle or the roasted marshmallows .. or maybe the sound of the simplicity of life out in the wilderness. You know I really don't know but I do know that I love love love it!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A tribute to Lochte

My little man is so full of love and energy of course. He is my best little guy and I miss him when he is not with me. You would think I would be excited to have a break but in fact this is not true. He is just so scrumptious and even with as much trouble as he gets into I still wouldn't trade him for the world.

He loves:
-He loves to give us hugs and tightly wrap his legs around.
-He snuggles his head right up to yours giving butterfly kisses.
-When he gets in trouble he feels so bad he just wants to hug you.
-The other day when I was sick, he would come and lie down next to me and try to share his most prized possession with me (his binki) to help me feel better.

He laughs:
-He has quite the sense of humor, if you could only be here and see it.
-He thinks that the "Ants go marching" song is Hilarius.
-He even laughs at his own dance moves. (which are quite funny if you ask me)
-He still thinks sneezing is funny. (and truly sneezing is kind of an odd uncontrollable seizure type of thing)

He makes me Laugh:
-Every time we pick up his book that is the "This little piggy went to the Market" he grabs both of his feet.
- He laughs at his own silly's... which of course makes me laugh harder.
- He makes the funniest faces.
- When I play peek-a-boo he covers his eyes when he doesn't want me to see him.
- When he sees me get the hair gel out he runs and hides. (obviously he does not like his hair being done.)

He Dances:
- Oh man does he dance, to anything, sometimes it comes at the most embarrassing times... one time it was in church when a lady was singing a very touching (not upbeat) song about Emma Smith and while she and everyone else is getting teary eyed my sons on the floor busting out his latest moves.
-He refuses to watch anything on TV besides the "Wiggles" unless it's singing and dancing. But hey at least he gets his exercise while watching movies... which is much more than I can say for myself.

He's smart:
-He understands so much it amazes me everyday.
-His newest word is "GO" he says it when you say, "READY SET...." and he says it with much enthusiasm too.