Sunday, June 13, 2010

A day at the park

Lochte's first ride down the slide.

This photo was taken right outside our house, Jameson and I took Lochte on a walk to the park.

Jameson's most recent triathlon

Jameson did daybreak May 29th! He did great, he placed 3rd! We love you Jameson!

Busy painting the house

Of course I had to be bold... that is my middle name!
We found this entertainment center on KSL (kinda like craigslist) for super duper cheap and couldn't pass it up!

We still have a lot of painting to go but at least this room is mostly done.

Lochte's First Race!

Lochte's best friend the Vacuum.

Lochte loves the vacuum.

Jameson makes Lochte Laugh

It gets him every time... oh I am bummed that his is such horrible quality but it was so cute!
My first painting... Thank you Gigi for helping me get started!

The rest of the painting

Necklaces I made for mothers day.

I also have to thank my wonderful husband for being so supportive in my adventures of creativity, without him I could never have the time or the money to do these things.