Monday, December 20, 2010

Comet and Cupid

Check out that hair... that is official nap hair and I am not so sure what that look means.
We went to Thanksgiving point and got to meet Comet and Cupid... Santa's Famous Reindeer.
My newest friend Amie Hale, spent the afternoon with us and it was so fun. She took this photo for us.

Lochte put up the christmas lights on our tree... okay well not really he mostly did the taking down of the lights.


Michal Thompson said...

k- so who is taking your family photos, they are all so very cute! your hear looks awesome

Kamrah King said...

Oh Thanks! Her name is Amie Hale her website is and she is super awesome, and really extremely affordable. She is our neighbor and friend. There are a ton more really cute ones she took but I was planning on saving them to send out in a Christmas card. But that never happened.