Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas In Mission Viejo California (We had a fun family reunion with my husbands side of the family.)

Jameson holding our new nephew Talmage (only two months old!)

Our first Christmas together, awwwwww :)!

My husband is such a wonderful man... this is him in the kitchen Christmas morning making all German Pancakes for 10 people and 4 kids, all by himself! They were very delicious, thanks sweetie.

The night before Christmas, just hanging out with the fam.

Oh man Grandma Gigi's back yard was beautiful she had birds of paradise and all kinds of beautiful plants, and of course a palm tree. My personal favorite was the avocado tree, everyone needs one of those... at a dollar or more per avocado at the grocery store, yeah I'll take a tree filled with those.

We got way too many presents and had way too much fun... except of course the part where I was sick for three days and didn't want to leave the bed. But I will say that it was so fun to see everyone and spend some time with those of you I didn't get to know too well at the wedding. I married into a great family who are all very accepting and full of love. I am a very lucky girl. Hopefully I will be able to post our family photo soon.

Just a few things I made this year

We learned the basket weave in my second course of cake decorating.

Then we learned Fondant in my third course of cake decorating and I got a little carried away and spent 8 hours on this little masterpiece. Those snowflakes were little strips I cut out and stuck together.

These earrings also took me about 8 hours each and the silver ones were for my work and the gold ones on the right were for Becca (A really good friend who got married at the end of November.) They were made for her wedding.

Christmas Party... Yes we hosted more than one this year!!

This is Erik participating in our blindfold karaoke.

It was a really fun party! We had a white elephant gift exchange, and prizes for the funniest gift given and also plenty of eggnog and hot chocolate served with cookie dough and ice cream and just everything that is not healthy! We made Christmas ornaments out of peppermint candies and finished off the night by watching Elf... the funniest Christmas movie ever!

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

So you can't tell us these sweaters aren't the hottest thing on the planet!