Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Fun Weekend
Kurtis my nephew came down to see us and we made him a cake in the shape of a car for his early birthday... August 7th which we will miss so we did an early celebration he will be the big SEVEN. We got bounce back passes to Lagoon from my sister she dropped Kurtis off with us. Jameson, Kurtis and I had a blast on the rides. In fact Kurtis went on the Rocket... it's the scariest ride in all of Lagoon in my opinion and Kurtis was two inches too short but somehow they didn't mind us squeezing by. I screamed like a child and Kurtis just laughed at me. He is amazing... I never would have done anything close to that at his age. He is such a cutie.

In the middle of the night I wake up to Jameson saying "Did you get the stuff off the counter it's about to fall off?" In my mind I am thinking what stuff did I leave out that could be on the edge of the counter?! Not realizing that he could be sleep talking, until... I ask him " what's falling off the counter?" His reply,"The chemicals" At this point I start to laugh quietly and then ask, "Where?" He then replies, "At the gym!" I am laughing so hard at this point, so he starts to wake up, so I think, because he asks me what I am laughing about and I tell him that he was talking in his sleep. He then says, "No I wasn't I just can't explain it!" all frustrated. So I then say," Okay try again." He's just quiet for a few moments... thinking, thinking, thinking... then says "Okay never mind I was dreaming."

(Note: This is Jameson's life, Chemistry and Triathlon training)