Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lochten ... King

I guess a post will follow this with more of Kamrah's comments and also a middle name to our brand new son!!

He was born Tuesday, July 21,2009 at 5:06am, weighing in at 6 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.

I'll try to give a brief version of the labor and delivery and Kamrah can make any corrections and extensions.

On Monday Kamrah worked very hard, hiking up and down a hill near our house while I was doing hill repeats to train for a triathlon. Later that day she went swimming with my sister and her kids (even going down a fairly intense slide several times). This probably instigated some things later that night.
Kamrah after her workout on Monday.

From what I understand Kamrah's contractions started a little after 12 midnight, but I wasn't woken up until about 2:30am. We were both unsure how long the contractions were going to last. We assumed they were just teaser contractions. As they grew in intensity we got Kamrah into a warm tub. However, the tub was not deep enough for Kamrah and her belly, so I filled up the jacuzy tub upstairs. As I went to help Kamrah move to the new tub, so said that she thought her water broke (but we were kind of unsure because she was in a tub of water!).

As we moved up stairs Kamrah went through two or three contractions and told me she thought we should just go to the hospital. I figured we still had time and wanted to stick to our plan of staying at home as long as possible. I told her to at least get in the tub while I got the rest of our stuff together. Kamrah had done a very good job putting together all that we needed at the hospital. However, we still needed clothes to actually wear to the hospital, some food items, and a few last minute things.

A few minutes later Kamrah yelled to me that we had better go soon. I ran upstair with a load and she had gotten out of the tub. She then fell on the bed upstairs, as a contraction had hit her very hard. She told me it was too late, we were having the baby there! "Call the doctor and tell him to come here!" She said. I hesitated. I was very scared. I knew I couldn't deliver a baby. After the contractions subsided, I convinced her to get in the car right then - that I could get her to the hospital in 3 minutes! (I knew it was a lot longer than that).

We got her out to the car and she said she would just go in the back seat. I had just put the car seat in there and had put the tarp in the trunk (I normally have it in the back seat for my bike). As she looked in the back seat she asked where the tarp was. I told her it was in the trunk. She said, "Get it!" This scared me a little more. Anyways, we rushed off and headed for the hospital. The time was now around 4:20am. I managed to run a few red lights on the way.

I was praying the whole ride that Kamrah could make it til we got to the hospital. She yelled many times that it was coming. We arrived at the hospital and helped Kamrah inside (leaving the car running and the door open). We rushed upstairs and got her into a room. She was already fully dialated and ready to go! I'll cut out all the other stuff, but within about 20-30 minutes the doctor had barely arrived and Lochten was born!
Kamrah did so well! She was so brave. She is my hero!! There were many times I just wanted to take the pain from her to relieve her, but at the same time I think she did so much better than I would have done. I am thankful that she is the mother of our child. I also know that Heavenly Father helped her so much. Through Christ's sacrifice and atonement, He knows how she felt in her suffering and was able to succor her in her infirmity. I know that she received strength from above to carry out her motherly duty of giving birth. Once again, I love her so much. I am also very excited and happy to have Lochten in our family. We are very grateful to be blessed with the great opportunity to raise one of Heavenly Father's spirit childen.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Forth of July

We spent the 4Th of July BBQ'n or well... George Foreman'n out on the deck at our house with some friends. We ran out of gas in the BBQ so Jameson tried to trick everyone by sneaking out the George Foreman and placing it strategically on the other side of the BBQ. Who knows how many people actually knew... but it was still very fun, we had a lot of great food and we had a great view of the fireworks right there from our back yard!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The baby's room!

The dresser that Jameson and I worked so hard to sand and paint.

The baby's quilt that I made. This does not mean that his full name will be Lochte (it could be Lochten - so vote!).

This crib came from Portland, thanks to my mom. We sanded and painted the bite marks on the railing from the last kid that used it. This is the bumper that I recovered (thanks Michal for finding a bumper).