Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We LOVE when Tutu and Papa Steve come to visit!

It was so much fun to be with Tutu and Papa Steve!We loved watching their excitement to be with and play with Lochte. We loved going to the Dinosaur museum with them, eating yummy French toast at Kneaders, eating plenty of Ice Cream and going out to the movies to see, "Knight and Day" such a good laugh! And just plain spending some time with them. We tried to convince them to stay longer but silly Tutu wanted to keep her job. :)
The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.

He loves you guys! As do we!
Happy Happy Joy Joy is the day we get to take off our shoes!

This photo was taken moments after Tutu and I rolled little Lochte down the hill while he was trying to stop us, but laughing all the while. (I mean He was laughing but so were we.)

Our very own Tutu and Papa Steve photo shoot, Great job you guys!
Come back and see us soon we miss you guys already!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My forever Project

This is called my forever project because it took me forever to do, I re-apolstered this chair and then made matching curtains in the bay window and matching pillows for the couch.

This is a close up of the fabric

4 Months of Painting did THIS:

Welcome to our humble abode. Everything piece of furniture you see was bought on KSL or Craigslist, except our TV of course. The paint is the only thing we bought new :) if I could have bought used paint I would've :p

The kitchen

The Family Room

The sweet KSL deal only $400 (we almost paid $300 for a small TV stand that the TV just sat on top of but instead we found this great deal that matched so perfectly with our decor)

The dining room

Our Awkward cutout that we finally figured out what to do with.

All the walls in the yellow and orange rooms are glazed with the brown rustic look, the glaze just seeps into the cracks of the texture and then you wipe it off.

My fabulous D.I. find or for those of you who don't have D.I. it's basically a Salvation Army. $5

The living room

I recovered that chair I will post some more upclose photos later.

The matching curtains and pillows were also made to match the chair.

I know kinda boring compared to the rest of the bright and colorful house, but I just haven't quite found the right color for his room yet.

Lochte's room

And this is where YOU will stay if you come to visit.

Yes the ugly serger just adds that last bit to the room don't you think? jk

This was our ultimate sweet find on KSL... the bed and the dresser solid wood for only $350 comes with plenty of scratches but that is the way we roll.

The master bath: this shower curtain is where we got our paint color from in our bedroom.

Jameson built these shelves in our Garage.

Jameson built these shelves and this is the work bench he made as well as installing in three new lights in the garage for better lighting. Let me tell you he is a perfectionist and everything is perfect!

Look at all this new storage area... when we first moved in there was not a single shelf or hook on the wall to store anything.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My most recent cake... Happy Birthday Kurtis

Black Berry Picking

Kurtis thought Lochte might be cold outside so he gave him the shirt right off his back!

This was only a few of the back berries we picked... oh they were soooo good, and free! I sure miss those blackberries.

Oh the thought of no more blackberries... yep that will do it! (See the markings on face, I think he has had enough, but he certainly does not agree!)

Spoiled by his cousin he gets more and more blackberries.

Trip to Washington

Lochte and I made our way to Washington... no we did not drive.

Lochte loved his Uncle Scotty and his cousin Kurtis!

Besides who else would teach him about hunting if it weren't for Kurtis and Scott... not me.

Oh the love. Kurtis was such a good cousin.

Kurtis took this photo, what a good photographer.

Lochte's PJ Butt and New little Blaik all in one post!

Isn't that the cutest butt you've ever seen! :) Thanks to Teresa and Dad for our adorable PJ's.

Yes we have officially learned how to walk... a little like a drunken man but still walking none-the-less.

Welcome Blaik! We love you! Little Blaik is so cute just check out that blonde hair, but yes he is constantly chased with the camera and has finally said "NO" to the paparazzi, can you really blame him though, I mean who likes their photo taken while they are eating? Not me.

Ben and Mandi with Blaik 4 days old.

My favorite kids to babisit!

Tired Emma held Lochte while we walked home from the park.

My size bench, Lochte and Talmage.

Lochte just basked in Emma's attention while Talmage just made sure not to let Morgan out of his sight! Morgan was a very good big brother. They were so much fun to watch, thanks for going to Canada Nate and Leslie:) Next time stay longer so I can see you guys too!