Sunday, October 12, 2008

Updates on our life.

Okay so just to fill you in on the recent changes we have made.... I went to part time at my work for Nancy ( making custom wedding dresses. I now am also starting my own business on the side doing alterations. My blog for my business is there are also several photos of my dress for all those who have wanted to see it but haven't had a chance. I cannot do custom wedding gowns here in Provo Utah because well lets just face it that would be really mean. My boss has taught me all I know about making custom gowns and I am so grateful. Her business is here and as of now she has no competitors. But I will do temple gowns and all the alterations I have time for. That works for me for now until we move out of Utah at least.

Jameson has started a club at Triathlon Club at BYU and the members have grown to almost 600. He is putting on a triathlon here at BYU this weekend and I am so proud of all of the work he has put into making this club succesful. He has gotten a bike company named "FEZZARI" to agree to make a BYU edition bike and discount it to the triathlon club members. He has also quit both his jobs at the campus library and the physical therapy clinic to work for Fezzari (, because the owner liked him so much. He hired Jameson to do all his advertising and filming for his company. We are pretty excited. Jameson has also found someone to make the club a website that features some photos and films of triathletes... its pretty inspiring. PS some of the photos are of us. Check out the website at

Scofield Triathlon

Finally we are getting our photos from our summer of training for triathlons on the blog. This was my first Triathlon, Jameson took 3rd in his age division and 8th overall. I took 15th in my age division and we won't mention what I placed overall. :) Jameson says it was great for my first one but I still think I could have done better.... and I did place much better in my second triathlon.

Yuba Triathlon
This Is Jameson collecting his prizes for winning 1st place overall in the Sprint distance. He had to really push it hard to get this award. As he told the story of how he finished in 1st, it was pretty awesome. As most of you know his legs aren't very long, to his disadvantage when it comes to running. Nearing the end of the triathlon, during the running portion, he knew first place was between him and one other guy with significantly longer legs, knowing that he knew he couldn't just pace it to keep up with this other guy and then run hard at the end because he knew that with the other guys legs he could definitely run faster. So he pushed it hard throughout the whole 3 mile run as hard as he could. The unfortunate part: the volunteer helpers accidentally sent him running down the wrong path "thinking he was running the Olympic distance" (which is twice the distance of the Sprint) and he had to make his way back to the course, taking him longer, he came back onto the trail just in time to meet up with his competitor, bumbed out but determined not to let that fail him he ran with everything he had left and kicked some serious trash!

As for me I took 8th in my age division in my second triathlon EVER... I was pretty excited.

Just a fun side note: the Distance of a Sprint course is 1/2 mile swim, 12.5 mile bike, 3 mile run approximately. The Olympic distance (which I have yet to do but Jameson usually does) is twice the distance of the Sprint which would be 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride, 6 mile run.

This is our Fabulous wedding gift from Jameson's mom Patti, she put a lot of time into making this wonderful quilt that hangs next to our bed.
Jameson loves BYU Football games, so we are sporting our BYU blue tee-shirts at a BYU vrs UCLA on Sept. 13th 2008. The Score we can proudly say was 59 to 0. BYU is currently ranked 8th in the nation.

Rebuttal about sleep-talking

I have a rebuttal to Kamrah's post about my sleep-talking.

To introduce this, I have to start off by explaining a small tradition that we've started in our family. Every morning before we leave the house we have Family Devotional. This consists of us singing a verse of a hymn, quickly bearing our testimonies to each other, and then praying together.

Well, one morning, not long after Kamrah posted about my sleep-talking, she had been very tired. I had to wake her up just before I left so that we could have our Family Devotional together. We sang our song together, then I bore my testimony. As she bore her testimony, it turned into something like this: "I'm thankful for ..., We thank thee for ..., Please bless ..., We ask for these these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I laughed a little and thanked her for the prayer. She realized that she wasn't so awake. I had to run and grab the camera as I told her I was going to get her back for writing about my sleep-talking.