Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our first Christmas with Just us... Lochte Jameson and I.

Just a few days before Christmas it snowed enough for Lochte and I to go build ourselves a snowman. We had lots of fun building this 5' Frosty.
Christmas Morning Lochte woke up very sad and very sick so we had him take his very first Bubble bath and he loved it, it put him in a good mood to go downstairs and open presents.
Although he loved the experience he didn't quite know what to think when the bubbles would stick to his hands, not his most favorite thing.
Oh but this was his favorite thing. He loves loves to wear my shoes... and it made me laugh that he was wearing my most girly pink high heels with roses on the top. He didn't want to take them off.


Jameson's Christmas present that I am not quite done painting. (The Portland Temple)
This is Lochte's stocking I made him and he is just about to dig in!
Crepes for Christmas breakfast with Strawberries and Mangoes! YUM!
I was sad at first thinking that we didn't have any extended family we could afford to go and see this year but now my worry is that I am never going to want to leave home for Christmas again... it was such a blast and so convenient. That doesn't mean we don't love going to see you family though!


Nicole said...

That snowman is so CUTE! I'm impressed. Good snowball-rolling skills. : )

Mandi said...

So many little time.

1. That painting is looking!!! I'm so impressed. Your talents never end.

2. That snowman in so crazy tall. How did tiny little you get the head on that thing.

3. How fun to have christmas with just your little fam...and I see you are already starting some traditions.

4. I love that family picture at the top of your blog.

5. We miss you.

Michal Thompson said...

okay, i have decided there is nothing you can't do. I was thinking about you going to see the reindeer and i was jealous, that is all ashlyn wanted to see for christmas, forget santa!

Steve and Patti King said...

It was so fun to catch up and to see the videos of that cutie (and Jameson too). We'll have a family Christmas in February!!