Monday, May 23, 2011

Visiting the Thompsons, Raleigh, NC

All the kids playing outside in the warm 75 degree weather. Just perfect.

Lochte loves his cousins, and they love him. He is in heaven. Oh wait... me too.

Lochte's first time to the beach. Just chillin' eating his apple. Okay so it was the ONLY time he just chilled in the whole 6 hours we spent at the beach. He loved running the beach.

Once he got over his fear of the water, he wanted to go deeper and deeper and never cared if the wave crashed him in the face or nocked him over. I made him hold my hand as we would go deeper and he was convinced that he didn't need to hold my hand despite the waves nocking him off his feet. Needless to say he drank a lot of salt water but all in all he came out alright.
Lochte in his "Speedo". Okay so we didn't bring a swim diaper so once his diaper was full I put him in his yellow and pink plastic diaper, which was sooo cute.

Yes OKAY... so I ruined the only good picture of all of us by picking Lochte's nose. Well that sums up a typical day anyway.

We love love love it here, for many reasons: Cool cousins, Awesome sister and brother in-law, Perfect weather, love the humidity, close beach, absolutely beautiful scenery, really nice people. Ummm can we move here please? So so fun.


Nicole said...

Maybe we'll have to add the Carolinas to our states to visit. I've never been. Glad you're enjoying yourself there!

Kamrah King said...

Oh thanks Nicole! Yes have to visit!

Linds said...

Looks like a great trip!

Michal Thompson said...

wow, you really do have awesome in-laws :)