Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A tribute to my Daddy! -HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY

Yes he's a cowboy and a million other great things too! He's a Carpenter and a Welder and a Jewelry maker, he also re-upholsters. He is very creative. He's a traveler and been to many places, one time he decided he wanted to ride his horses to Canada, although he lived in Washington, (right near the boarder of Oregon) he still did it and even made it in the newspaper for doing so. (I guess he's where I get my spontinuity and adventuristic side... I might be making up words now.)

He's laughs a lot and never takes life to seriously. I've never seen him yell, EVER, he mostly laughs and if you make him really mad he grunts and then walks away. Hmmm I wish I was more like him in that sense. :) He never forgets about you and always makes time for you.

My dad always took my sister and I on camping trips, fishing trips, hikes and all kinds of other adventures. Even after my parents split when I was three, he still always always made time for us. He would come and pick us up and take us fun places and teach us how to do cool things. The photo above is of me holding a baby lobster at a camping trip with my dad, obviously I am on the left with all my blonde hair and on the right is well... I don't even know.

This photo is on here because it explains my Dad to a T! He is crazy funny. He does random things like hunting down chickens, catching them and giving them odd hugs. He is super funny.

These next photos are of my Dad and I down at his shop, I would run down through the field from my mom's house to my Dads shop where he did all of his welding. We would check occasionally out the window to see when he was down there and then we (my sister and I) would run down through the field and go to see him. He always would stop and take us horse back riding and he even made us a really high swing next to his shop and he would push us on it.
One of the things I remember most, was all the singing, he was always singing. Sometimes he was even making up his own songs just to make us laugh.

Most importantly he spent quality time with us and never was too busy to make time for us.

At my wedding we danced our little hearts away, it reminded me of old times. This wasn't our first dance it was one of many, and country music is our thing for sure!

Yes yes... I love my Dad!

He even comes back to visit and loves to play with little Lochte. He's not just a great Dad he's a wonderful Grandpa.
I love you very much Dad.... and Happy Birthday!!!


[D & A Hale] said...

What a cute post. Very cute Dad! Happy Birthday Kamrah's Dad. He sure made a wonderful daughter.

Michal Thompson said...

isn't it so cool that your kids will only have to remember one birthday for both their grandpas!

Nicole said...

So cute. I'd like to meet him someday. Sounds like an awesome father! : )

Erin Dooley said...

I LOVE all of the pictures! What a sweet tribute:)

Rachel and Vico said...

Kamrah-I love the pictures of you with your dad. they are so sweet and loving!