Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to my two boys!

We celebrated Lochte and Brekken's Birthday Party on Thursday, July 19th.  Brekken's real birthday is the 10th of July and Lochte's in the 21st of July.  It was nice to combine their party, and we had a really good time!  
Yummy Fondant!  J/K I eventually took the fondant off so he would stop eating it. 

Yeah! Just dig right in!

I don't know why the fondant was such a big hit with the kids but Jameson found lochte over by the playground chewing on his fondant train.  It's edible... just gross. :)

The kids loved the mini roller coaster but we spent a lot of time refereeing, not sure if it was worth it but he loved it. 

I love Carianne and Lochte in the photo.

One handsome 1 year old!

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Michal Thompson said...

wow, That is an AMAZING cake!!! You never stop amazing me with more and more talents!