Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10

Something we thought you ALL might enjoy as much as we did!
A Letter from Nate and Leslie (Jameson's Brother and Sister-in-Law):


Our executive committee (Nate and I) have just nominated you to bear the 10th grandchild to the Steve and Patti King line.

Here are our 10 reasons

1. It's Kamrah's turn to be pregnant
2. It's not my turn
3. It's not Michal's turn
4. Carrie is on a mission (so it's clearly not her turn)
5. You make cute kids
6. Lochten needs a sibling
7. You make baby products, might as well use them yourself
8. Jamie needs to increase his training weight as he pushes or pulls the stroller/trailer 
9. Winter Olympics have passed and there is still no grandchild named after a US winter athlete
10. It's Jamie's turn to be the new dad.

We love you!

Leslie and Nate

Jameson's family nickname is Jamie, Michal is Jameson's sister, and last but not least Lochten was named after Ryan Lochte who competed in the last summer Olympics.  We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! 


MKS said...

yes what are you waiting for? :)

Lauren said...


Mandi said...

yes kamrah, get crackin' on those kiddos....and I will too. And then we can be fabulous and preggers together.

SamwisezBrown said...

Is that an announcement? If I remember correctly you should be throwin that bun in the oven soon...then I can and we can be one month apart again:)

SamwisezBrown said...

(Not an announcement for me, btw, I just had surgery so we'll have to wait a little bit)

Michal Thompson said...

i think it is HILARIOUS and 100% TRUE!!!