Thursday, September 16, 2010

We LOVE when Tutu and Papa Steve come to visit!

It was so much fun to be with Tutu and Papa Steve!We loved watching their excitement to be with and play with Lochte. We loved going to the Dinosaur museum with them, eating yummy French toast at Kneaders, eating plenty of Ice Cream and going out to the movies to see, "Knight and Day" such a good laugh! And just plain spending some time with them. We tried to convince them to stay longer but silly Tutu wanted to keep her job. :)
The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.

He loves you guys! As do we!
Happy Happy Joy Joy is the day we get to take off our shoes!

This photo was taken moments after Tutu and I rolled little Lochte down the hill while he was trying to stop us, but laughing all the while. (I mean He was laughing but so were we.)

Our very own Tutu and Papa Steve photo shoot, Great job you guys!
Come back and see us soon we miss you guys already!!!


Nicole said...

What a cute little bike! I may have to borrow that sometime for children photo shoots. : )

Michal Thompson said...

sad we missed it. is that a head band? cute, i need one