Thursday, July 15, 2010


We went to Colorado for the 4th of July and also for the 6th of July(Tutu's Birthday!)

A nearby spray park where the water was fun but very cold. (hence lochte running for his life)

Oops we forgot towels... oh well pillow cases work just fine! (Our little sack of potatoes)

So we went to Colorado for 5 days and had a blast, it was sunny and warm and we went on a long bike ride together around a beautiful reservoir that we later swam in with our nifty wet-suits to prepare for our upcoming triathlon! We had a little picnic lunch and got sweet sunburns! Oh I forgot to mention that on the drive out to Colorado Jameson's dad rode with us and we all stopped near Grand junction at a camping park and it happened to be infested with mosquitoes and when I say infested I mean Jameson got 130 bites in the whole 20 minutes he spent putting up the tent and getting everything and everyone inside. It was nuts. At least someone got a great meal that night. :) Anywho... The fourth of July we got to see some fireworks from the house and still enjoy a sleeping baby. We had lots of fun celebrating Tutu's birthday with Strawberry tart and some jewelry making tools. Tutu was so nice to put up with Jameson and I's obsession with the TV show: Lost, she even joined in once and a while.

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