Sunday, April 4, 2010


Lochte is a crawler and a stander and a mover along the coucher! :) He gets anywhere he wants to now, which has made for a much happier baby excluding the times when he falls and hits his head. (Which sadly happens ALL the time, at least twice a day if not more.)
Lochte's favorite thing to do is stand, he wants to stand all day long. Anything that is in his reach (stable or unstable) he will use to pull himself up. He also is daring enough to let go and try to walk. Problem is, he is barely able to hold himself up with the aid of the couch so of course he just falls straight down without even taking a step. He has learned that after he falls he should "wait it out" and see if it actually hurt him. He takes a moment of pondering while looking around the room from his new perspective from the floor and waits to cry or sometimes doesn't cry, just gets right back up and does it all over again. Oh this child is going to be the death of me. He is so curious, and even though he wants me to hold him, he also just wants to be up high so he can look around. He doesn't to look at me or pay attention to me he just wants to look around and get a better view of how he can make more trouble! :) He is constantly making me laugh whether he is being goofy or getting upset. His cry is something I have never heard a baby do before. He actually rolls his tongue while crying to make a "rolling R" sound such as in the Spanish language. It is quite comical and I will have to get some good footage on video to share. Jameson and I joke that he is a Spaniard. People try so hard for so long to learn to roll their "R's" but not Lochte, he has it down at 8 months. He not only incorporates it into his cries but he sometimes gets distracted by it and starts to do it for fun.

He doesn't want to be inside his walker anymore he want to push it around the room though, problem is he weighs too much and the walker goes flying forward and he falls. I have to fold it up if I am going to let Mr. Lochte on the loose. His favorite things are the easily topple-able stools at our counter and the space heater, which are two very big NO NO's! I have been getting creative on places to put them. The stools sit upside down on our counter tops... feels like a restaurant in here, and the space heater, well we just don't turn on anymore, we like to be freezing cold anyway! :)

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Steve and Patti King said...

what a cutie! We can't wait to see him (and you...) in 3 days!