Sunday, February 15, 2009

What did we do for valentines day?

We started out by going to the temple to do sealings. That is after we stopped at the Provo bakery to fill ourselves up on donuts. We then watched the movie, "Family Man" Which I had never seen before. It was really really good. That movie has really good morals and really helped me to remember how lucky I am. We then went to the gym and I went to Jo-ann fabrics, I mean who can pass up a 5 patterns for $5 sale! Yes I got all kinds of patterns for maternity wear and baby items, such as diaper bags and crib bedding... it was really quite exciting for me. Jameson did a sprint triathlon by himself at the gym in only 1hr and 15 minutes which he claims is not that good since his transitions weren't realistic. We went to subway afterwords for a really romantic dinner! Lol it was actually my suggestion just so we would have time to make it to our stake dance. By the way, it was really fun. Jameson was pulling some moves from the movie "Hitch", I was laughing hysterically. We also had root beer floats and danced to some slow songs... it totally took me back to May 24th at our wedding reception when we danced.


Mandi and Ben said...

you didn't tell me abouth the 5 patterns for $5 sale!!! Kamrah!!!
I'm sad Ben and I missed the dance, we are up in Syracuse, I would have loved to see Jameson's moves.

Lauren said...

5 patterns for $5!!! Aw darn!
Sounds like a great day though!